Home page of the website. The website has a blue background, a navigation bar at the top of the screen and shows a screenshot of the software. "The management solution for wind farms" is written in large letters above the screenshot.

Relaunch Ventosa Digital

Redesign of the Ventosa Digital GmbH KG website.

Design and development

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I have redesigned the website of Ventosa Digital GmbH & Co. The website was visually modernised and the usability was significantly improved.

In the course of the relaunch, new content was created that describes the functions of the software in more detail and communicates the advantages of using it more clearly.

The modern and professional website clearly sets Ventosa Digital GmbH & Co apart from its competitors and strengthens the brand identity. Clear structures and short loading times ensure a positive user experience.

Part of the homepage. The screenshot shows the heading ‘A digital archive’ and two subsections on document management and user authorisations.
Screenshot of the Roadmap subpage. The page shows three planned releases, the release date and the new functions included.
Screenshot of the pricing page. The page lists some reasons for using the software on the left-hand side and on the right-hand side there is a price calculator that illustrates the licence model.