Screenshot of the home page of the Häfelein & Windeck website

Häfelein & Windeck

Relaunch of the website of Häfelein und Windeck, a elevator manufacturer in Bonn, Germany


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The website of the Bonn-based elevator manufacturer Häfelein & Windeck was developed in cooperation with the Cologne-based agency Satzanstalt. The website clearly presents the company's extensive range of services and presents realized projects with extensive image galleries.

Screenshot of the "Career" page with a short text about Häfelein & Windeck as an employer
Screenshot of the "Elevators" subpage with a large image on the left and a column of text in the right column
Screenshot of a large image gallery on the "Passenger elevators" subpage


This project has been a collaborative effort. I would like to thank for a successful collaboration:

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